Authentication API

Give your customers the peace of mind they deserve. Quickly and easily add multi-factor authentication to your software, website, or application to secure user accounts and personal information.

Multi-factor authentication made simple

The security of your users’ personal information is critical—and so is your UX. SVB’s Authentication API helps you accomplish both missions quickly and easily.

Customizable codes and messages

Customize your authentication messages to balance security and ease of use —conveying brand and security. Create the right amount of security for your org by setting a code expiration timeframe that meets your unique needs.

Only pay for successful authentication

Don’t waste budget on unsuccessful authentication attempts. Whether because of wrong numbers or a missed message, you only pay for successful authentication using our API.

Use your own number for instant brand identity

Our Authentication API enables you to use your existing numbers to send one-time passcodes. This allows you to protect your brand equity by not sharing numbers with other businesses, creating a better overall end-user experience.

What can you do with our Authentication API?

Protect your customers’ personal information and sensitive business systems. Whether verifying a login or confirming account changes, our Authentication API is a must-use technology for your business.

Second factor login

Passwords can be guessed or compromised, which is why businesses should provide more protection to secure logins and prevent fraudulent access. With a valid phone number for the user, your business can deliver a code to your users’ device, which the user enters to validate their presence.

Phone number verification

Many businesses depend on phone numbers to verify a user’s identity. To protect your users and reduce fraud, SMS and voice authentication can be used to verify any phone number input into your system. Phone number validation to make sure callers are who they say they are..

Securing actions

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 2FA codes can be used on high-risk actions by your customers, such as account changes or high-value purchases, to not only protect users from themselves, but to reduce fraud if an account or payment source is compromised.

Single use passwords

Eliminate the need for users to create new passwords, which have to be tracked and are often forgotten. Instead, allow them to login with their phone number. A 2FA code can be delivered and used as a temporary, single use password, expiring after a set amount of time.

Extend your SMS strategy

Text messaging isn’t just for 2FA. SVB’s robust API platform gives you the keys to create your own unique voice and messaging solutions. Our flexible platform even lets you choose what kind of number works for you!

Toll-Free SMS

Text-enable your existing toll-free numbers and send verification codes from a number your customers already recognize.

10 Digit Long Code (10DLC)

Send high-volume, high-throughput codes from your local number. With 10DLC you don’t need to get a new number to send customers authentication codes.

Short Codes

Use the same short code you use to send appointment reminders and alerts to send verification codes and passwords to your customers, securing their accounts.

Voice API

Support land-lines while providing texting as a fallback with voice authentication. Send codes with programmable voice calling when you connect our Authentication API to our flexible and powerful Voice API.

Don’t worry—our signature support is always included

We take a unique approach to support: we focus on making sure our customers are successful. How? With dedicated support that’s included, a support team made up of industry vets, and tools and processes to ensure customer success and satisfaction. You’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t have the same approach.
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How can your industry be transformed with SVB Co.?

Software leaders, Fortune 1,000 enterprises, and even the largest messaging aggregators trust SVB to deliver their texts.


Enrich your applications with top quality, reliable voice calling from the only CPaaS provider with a proprietary, nationwide network.


Secure customer financial information, verify account changes, and validate high-value transactions.


Protect sensitive patient information and simplify health portal logins and signups with two-factor authentication codes.

Get started with our Authentication API

Give your customers the security they expect, with multi-factor authentication from SVB. Our Authentication API enables you to secure customer accounts, add another layer of security to logins, and give your customers the peace of mind that their information is being secured.