Solve global telecomplexity with an enterprise communications platform

Flexibility to create an integrated customer experience

SVB is a communications platform with limitless flexibility. You need integrations, enterprise-class APIs, and tools to manage your communications stack intelligently. We are open where you need it the most, with optionality and control.

  • Integrate directly into collaboration applications
  • Launch easily with an API library built to scale
  • Unbundle telecom and BYOC

Reliable communication across borders

Our global network is directly connected where it matters most. Giving unmatched reliability. Bringing your customers closer. Scaling wherever your business takes you.


of the global economy covered

countries with full PSTN

countries where we operate

Software smarts +
Network know-how

You are expected to integrate tooling, automate operations, navigate regulatory requirements, and deliver a top-notch experience across channels and geographies. It’s no small feat.

SVB is rooted in both telecom and real-world software expertise. Let us help you create experiences that set your business apart.

Our parents think we’re special, but don’t take their word for it

Customers and analysts agree! SVB continues to be ranked as a global communications leader.

"Partnering with SVB means that setting up and delivering voice services is a fast, easy, and reliable process."

Oded Gal
Chief Product Officer

  • ★★★★★

"Their flexible APIs made it simple for us to get up and running without missing a beat."

Phillip Kimmey
Co-Founder and Director of Software Development

  • ★★★★★

"Without SVB, we wouldn’t have been able to go worldwide so fast."

Pierre-Baptiste Béchu
Co-founder and Director of Platform and Infrastructure

  • ★★★★★