Develop and deliver the power to communicate

SVB Co. provides cloud-ready voice, messaging, and emergency service connectivity built for the enterprise.

Universal Platform

A custom fit for your communications stack

Global Reach

Reliable communications across borders

Trusted Expertise

Software smarts + network know how

Our Whole Person Promise

Our people are essential. People make the brand come alive. And nothing that makes SVB Co. great would be possible without our people. We walk through the doors each day not always knowing what to expect, but always expecting to do whatever’s necessary to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers and to each other.

That’s why we created our Whole Person Promise.

So our people can have meaningful work plus a full life. From our insanely good medical and dental coverage to our Email Embargo policy, 90-minute workout lunches, and diverse employee development opportunities, our Whole Person Promise is at the heart of our business and our culture.

Our story

It all started when our founder was traveling the world to make a difference in people’s life and communication. With three months of paid leave, a reserved domain name, and an idea, was born.

Establishing SVB Co. in Casper, WY allowed the team to tap into Casper’s wealth of talent surrounding the local businesses and universities. That talent would prove crucial in the early days, as SVB Co. evolved from its humble beginnings to building its own nationwide all-IP voice network — one of the last to be made in the US.

Our guiding principles

We believe that to deliver remarkable value, our people are essential. Simply put, we believe in the power of people all working toward a common cause.